Multiple Select Boxes

We were just doing an update to a registration form for a client, and found that it was actually pretty easy to set up using a popular contact form plugin, Contact Form 7. A standard select box created in Contact Form 7 lets you choose a single option each time. Lets say you have a list [...]

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Windows 10: A Primer

Windows 10 is coming. It's actually already here, but you might not know it yet. What does it mean for you? For starters, it's a FREE upgrade. If you are running Windows 7, 8, or 8.1 you should already have noticed a little notification icon in your tray asking you to reserve your free copy. [...]

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My WordPress Site was Hacked?!

Yes, the familiar cry of a client who woke up to digital graffiti strewn across their online home—or worse. For many small business owners (and even for medium and large businesses) websites can be their sole source of income, or at the very least a large part of their portfolio and presence in today’s business world. Increasingly, sites are being built on the WordPress platform; partly due to cost, and partly due to the fact that it’s one of the most versatile, easy-to-use platforms for content management out there. […]

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WordPress Navigation Drill Down

I was looking for a way to drill down the menu structure in a wordpress widget that shows you all of the navigation pages. Turns out all you need to do is set it up using CSS, as wordpress already outputs all of the information you need to style it. What the widget had to do was show you the current menu level (current_page_item), and only the children directly underneath it. It underlines the page and level that you are on as you click further into the menu tree. As you drill down, it continues to show the children directly underneath it, as well as the current siblings and the current_page_parent level’s siblings. When it reaches the lowest level, it just underlines the page you’re on, as well as showing the current siblings, the parent level above it, and the ancestor levels right up to the top. […]

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ereg, eregi, ereg_replace is Deprecated

Since upgrading to PHP 5.3, there has been a lot of deprecated code that I’ve had to fix. Another of these is the family of ereg() eregi() and ereg_replace() – all of which can be replaced by preg_match(). While searching how to fix it, I came across a few sites that all gave similar results. An example of some deprecated code would be: ereg(‘.([^.]*$)’, $this->src_name, $variable); […]

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