Software that Infinus Provides

Over the years we have developed internal management systems, linked together separate parking systems, helped accounting and client management systems talk to each other, designed a touch screen interface for a senior’s home, and fulfilled a wide variety of client needs. Below are a couple of products we’re most proud of that we are happy to share with you.

Feel free to contact us for a custom quote or to see if there is anything we have already built that may suit your needs. We would be glad to help!


We found when moving emails between servers that it was time consuming and clunky. This site and software package was developed from a need for easy transfer using a streamline interface, a few simple clicks, and by entering in some basic information. Turns out clients love it, and it is now utilized worldwide by many happy users.

Afterglow Social Aggregation

This was developed from scratch to fill a need for clients, and to compete toe-to-toe with much more expensive options available on the market. It has grown into a fully self-sufficient software service that helps to bring many separate and disparate social feeds all under one roof. Great for contests or just bringing a feed into your site. Unfortunately changes to APIs in major social media platforms forced us to discontinue this service.